Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The idea of starting a blog has been simmering for a year now. I made an attempt last year, hoping to write about my year in Honduras because well, that seemed a good enough subject as any, but it never came about. And that's for the best, I suppose, because I'm happy that I had that year to myself. There's plenty to be said of it in retrospect but I was too involved in the moment to know what should be said in a space like this. 

I think I'm finally ready for another attempt at this blogging venture; although perhaps I'm too late ("Yeah, I mean you should've started blogging five years ago," my friend said when I brought up the idea). I was always the first to finish tests in school, double-checking everything before we were half way through class, and that's not because I knew the answers but because I tend to do things at lightning speed. But in other ways, I let things sit, simmering until I feel ready.

"Piano, piano," an Italian farmer told me when I asked how I should water a zucchini patch. "Slowly, slowly" was his only advice for the task and yet, some of the most apt I have received yet.

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