Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's been a rainy June, a busy June. At times I find myself thankful for the rain because it means my small herb garden will live despite my neglect. I have a pile of unread New Yorkers on my dresser, a Sandra Cisneros book that's long overdue but somehow I made my way through it, reading a few minutes on the bus, during the second half of my lunch break. For my standards, my life is a bit overbooked. There's work, volunteering, dance classes, babysitting from time to time, the weekend baby showers and weddings. I don't know if I like feeling pulled in so many directions - I think of David Brooks' notion that "we do not all have to shine" a lot these days - but right now, those things that stress me out also cure my boredom. I'd like to pare down, focus more on less, but maybe that's what winters are for. 

For now I'll just be busy, doing all of the things I've always wanted and am lucky enough to do, and when time permits, I'll walk around the block at the magic hour, sit on my steps with thai leftovers, and count the fireflies from my stoop.

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