Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Thoughts as of lately:

        I'm really into simple, summer cooking at the moment. Spaghetti with sun gold tomatoes and white bean salad with zucchini and Parmesan (I swapped out green beans and added tomatoes) have been making the rotation as of late. I'm trying to be less lofty in my cooking overall, focusing on staples that just taste really, really good. Any recommendations? Plz share, friends!

        I've also been binge-listening to a few podcasts lately, mainly Gaby Dunn's Bad with Money and Real Simple's Adulthood Made Easy. My favorite were Anna Sale discussing how to finance having a baby (have always been curious how it's done) and the Adulthood Made Easy episode wonderfully titled, "Sometimes You Don't Have a Career Path." Definitely recommend it if you're like me, just trying to figure out a lot of not-so-basic things.

        Finally, I think I've decided that I want to go on a social media break and sign off Facebook and Instagram. Errr, well, Instagram mostly. I understand that it's a useful tool for creatives to find an audience, make a career out of a passion but I still find the whole thing to be a little vapid and just bad for the soul at the end of the day (except Molly Wizenberg's feed. Her captions turned it into an art form). I can't sign off now because of certain job responsibilities but I'm hoping to make the switch someday soon.

       And lastly, forget Game of Thrones, yay for Insecure Season Two!

        So that seems to sum things up more or less, though of course, it's hard not to acknowledge everything going on on a grander scale. It's hard publishing a post about deciding whether or not to shut down my Instagram or any post really  when most mornings, I wake up and mourn a little as I read the news (there is nothing and never has been anything wrong with being trans and my heart aches that our president said otherwise today). So there's that, the things I've been living with lately.  

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