Thursday, May 19, 2016

It’s Spring, the season in Chicago where everyone is pining for summer heat but then ends up disgruntled because all we get is rain and a few sixty degree days here and there. I’m not one to complain too much, and so I’m just happy that everything has turned green and I’m able to walk to the neighborhood drugstore at night underneath an archway of newly budding trees.

I’m usually hesitant to use this space to ramble when I have little to say or to share photos of my weekends when the majority of my life is spent at a desk underneath fluorescent lights. But I like the passive voyaging that comes with blogs so in the off chance that you’re interested, I’ll provide an update...

I'm currently: 

reading Bel Canto, surprised to finding myself enjoying being held hostage in South America with an opera singer;

listening to Chance the Rapper's newest mixtape and brimming with pride to see his face all over the city;

checking my bank account to see if I can afford to take up rock climbing (it seems that going once a month as I've been doing isn't very conducive to progress-making);

lusting over Jeanne Damas' style and wondering if I can find similar items at Goodwill;

applying to grants and researching MFAs, which is probably a futile endeavor but one that I figure I’ll do anyway;

and reminiscing about last weekend's trip to Shawnee National Forest. I didn't bring a camera but the drives through overgrown, rural roads and the days spent climbing up sandstone bluffs reminded me of what summer could be.

Hope your days have been (somewhat) sunny and full of promise as well!

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