Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"I am from Honduras. I lived in Honduras for 14 years. There was a time when we could go out in the neighborhood and play soccer all night long. The country itself is incredibly beautiful, and the people can be beautiful in so many ways. I used to sit outside with my grandparents in the evening. We would drink coffee and share with anyone who walked by. We would talk to strangers and friends and really just have a great time. It saddens me that this happens, for so much hate and violence to run freely on the streets. I do not understand how someone can torture and kill a 13-year-old. It really brings me down. Perhaps out of denial, I still have hope for the country and believe that not everyone is evil. I have nothing but love for the people down there. They are just lost and could seriously use less hate and judgement. Not everyone is bad. I guess I just want it to go back to its good days. Not really sure where you Redditors stand... but for me, my heart, tears, soul, prayers go to my country. For peace to return. For love to go back. I mean I've never had so much fun and felt so much love than the nights we would play soccer with a soccer ball made out of socks."

- Poetry from a Redditor

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